Is there a time for Alice Guy?


  • Marie Kondrat


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Alice Guy filmography, early silent cinema, film history, first filmmakers, narrative, Solax studios


The resurgence of critical interest, that has surfaced over the past fifteen years, in the work of Alice Guy aims to re-inscribe, evaluate and legitimize her role in the history of cinema. Raising important questions about filmmaking, globalization and gender issues, Alice Guy’s movies have long time withstood any form of classification. Considering this hypothesis in a double perspective of erasing and of rewriting film history, the paper provides a close analysis of three silent films directed by Alice Guy in 1912–1913. Thus, the relation of shot composition and narrative, active intervention and irruption of outside elements are taken up in detail.


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Kondrat, M. (2018). Is there a time for Alice Guy?. Збірник наукових праць СУЧАСНЕ МИСТЕЦТВО, (14), 227–236.